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Every episode of Justice League has ridiculous action. There’s lots of punching and using of powers to save people and stop the villains. The series also has some great characters. I am not a big fan of the original seven, which is why I like Unlimited so much more than the original series. Six characters stand out in my mind as the best ones.

The Question is an interesting, intelligent hero with his conspiracy theories. He’s humorous, too, with some of the ideas he has, which leads to a nice combination of intrigue and humor. Booster Gold is probably the most comical character in the series. His partner named Skeet is entertaining as well. Vigilante is probably the coolest character in the series because he is a cowboy with dual six guns voiced by Nathan Fillion.

There are also some pretty good female characters in Justice League. Huntress makes for a great partner of the Question who is attractive, strong and confident but some how puts up with all of Questions’ quirkinesses. Stargirl was interesting because she always dealt with being in Supergirl’s shadow but I liked her more out of the two. Cheetah was my favorite villain in the series. I don’t whether it was because she was a furry or had a hint of redemption to her character.

The music for this show was dramatic and the opening theme song with the guitar riffing and display of different characters in the show was epic.