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Kind of sounds like a band name for certain of my friends and I, although that could go for lots of young people, which is what makes the band name so great.

Just a little information for you novices out there, Slash was the lead guitarist for Guns and Roses until Axl Rose forced the band to split apart and everybody went their separate directions. He made two albums with Velvet Revolver before that small footnote of a band was also over and Slash started his solo career. He made an album with a wide variety of different vocalists and the most interesting collaboration was with Fergie, but he then continued making music with Myles Kennedy as his only vocalist. He made one album in spring of 2012 that is my favorite album still of the new decade called Apocalyptic Love and had a concert in my area that I attended summer of 2013.

This month the highly productive Slash and his Conspirators came out with another album called World On Fire. We could tell from the first single released with the same name as the album that it was going to be another straight forward guitar rock album from Slash, but it was a surprise to many of us when we found out that there would be seventeen songs on the new album, the same length as Are You Experienced from the guitarist every other guitarist including Slash probably has some inspiration from. This makes the album difficult to go through and to differentiate the songs, so I had to do several listens the full way through and a week of thought before being able to make my own review.

World On Fire has a fast guitar riff and really leads this album out of the starting gate. Shadow Life is an interesting song because it’s about making the most out of yourself instead of just being content to be a shadow, similar in message to one of my favorite songs from their previous album, Standing In the Sun. Automatic Overdrive is one of the catchiest songs because of the chorus. Wicked Stone starts off with a countryish, foot stomping guitar intro and then rolls right into a heavy guitar rocker.

Thirty Years To Life is exactly how the title would make you feel it would sound like. It starts off with a gnarly, bluesy guitar intro worthy of George Thorogood and then rolls into a heavy story song about somebody who gets in trouble after living on the edge. Bent To Fly has some technical guitar work from Slash, but is one of the softer songs on the album with acoustic guitar. Some songs on this album have kind of a feel similar to Ozzy’s solo career in my opinion. Stone Blind starts off with an Ozzyish guitar intro and then starts swinging and grooving. Too Far Gone has a choppy, start and stop guitar riff that reminds me of Cult of Personality by Living Colour, another song I’m sure many guitarists find inspiration from.

Beneath the Savage Sun is a long, but rocking song. Withered Delilah sounds like something that would show up on Appetite For Destruction with its screwy, rocking feel. Battleground, despite the interesting title, is the longest song on the album and never seems to really go anywhere for me. Dirty Girl is a nice sleazy song similar to Rocket Queen or Beautiful Dangerous. It has a very bluesy riff.

Iris of the Storm sounds kind of like We Will Roam from the previous album. It’s probably the closest in sound to any song on the previous album and almost sounds like a rewrite. However, I loved the interesting, out of this world, brooding feel of We Will Roam from their previous album and this is an engaging song as well, yet another song similar to Bent To Fly that doesn’t rock so much as show off the guitar abilities of Slash in a more technical way.

Avalon has a countryish feel again and a heavy beat. The Dissident keeps things down to earth with a ballad being sung at the beginning by an old lady. It sounds like Grandma’s Theme from John Mellencamp but then rolls into one of the most engaging songs yet on the album with a chorus that will both entertain and get stuck in your head. You can tell Myles Kennedy is a good vocalist when he uses a cliche chorus such as “Whoah!” and makes it actually sound fresh and exciting. Safari Inn is a good instrumental song similar to Watch This from Slash’s very first solo album but the guitar sounds more like something Jake E. Lee would do for the Badlands. The album finishes on a midtempo, ominous note similar to Bad Company with another one of their weaker songs in my opinion called the Unholy, which stretches on forever and does rock at parts but certainly is not Anastasia.

This album is full of straight forward, fast guitar rockers similar to Right Next Door To Hell or Perfect Crime. Some songs explore other areas such as the long but meandering Battleground and Unholy. The best songs on the album are catchy, upbeat and entertaining such as Wicked Stone and The Dissident. Also, the album has many songs with interesting titles. You can tell it tries to be more than just a pop album by not making too many song titles that could easily be tied back to romance.