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A friend of mine has just made a new website called Go Fund Me. You can make donations to his website. He got the idea for the website from an episode of South Park called Go Fund Yourself. You can be featured in the website, if you email the website at FilmSauceCompany@gmail.com.

The website has many features such as reviews and ratings for new movies. You can also contribute your own ratings and reviews for these things on the website. The webnsite mentions upcoming movies and TV shows and has other features such as links to trailers, clips and games.

Apparently, you can also contribute opinions on the website itself and its format. The original background color of the website was a psychedelic mixture of blue, red and green. However, some people contributed advice on changing the background to a simple light green color to make it less lurid. You can still see the original background color in the profile picture.

If you want to be part of a website that values your opinions and allows you to  interact with the website itself, then contact the website with the contact information listed above or make a donation as soon as you would like.