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I just started reading the Hobbit book again last night to get ready for the upcoming final installment of the movie series and half a dozen things became apparent to me all at the same time. First JRR Tolkien spends a lot of time describing things. Like the first six pages are all description and background. Second JRR Tolkien writes really long chapters. The first chapter is twenty seven flipping pages. Clearly, somebody has never heard of an editor.

I also realized several things about the movies Peter Jackson has been making. First his movies should not be three parts. Second the extra stuff he added in weakens the original story. The side story with the necromancer should get back in the Silmarillion where it belongs. Third I realized for the first time ever my biggest issue with the Hobbit movies. Many people complain about the movies being three parts and having unnecessary extra padding, but I think what really kills the movies is not mentioned by most people.

I like Bilbo, I like Gandalf and I love seeing Legolas back in circulation again, but none of the dwarves are likable in my opinion. When I realized this last night I was stunned because I had never thought of it before, but I knew it was so flipping true. Somehow Peter Jackson who did such a terrific job with Gimli’s character, could not make any of the dwarves from the Hobbit likable. They’re not all curmudgeonly and some of them are set up to be likable or even funny, but each of them comes off as flat. Maybe it’s because they’re not portrayed by an all star cast such as Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom.

You could blame JRR Tolkien for not developing his dwarves at all in the Hobbit therefore not giving Peter Jackson a whole lot to work with, which would be true, but I now come to my final conclusion from yesterday evening while reading the first chapter of the Hobbit. I think that due to the three problems I have already pointed out with Jackson’s treatment of the Hobbit that I like the animated Hobbit movie more than the newer ones. The animated hobbit is one concise movie, has very little extra content, mostly sticks true to the book, has likable characters and is the movie I think of and see in my mind while reading the book.