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I just saw Big Hero 6 in theaters yesterday. It’s been out for a while now, but it’s still being shown in first run theaters, which just goes to show how popular it has been. It has good reason to be popular, too, because it is easily one of the best movies I have seen in theaters in a long time, maybe since Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger beginning of 2013. It easily blew away the other movie I saw in theaters that day, Taken 3, which has just come out but got bad reviews and already is attracting only a small audience in theaters just days after it came out.

Big Hero 6 is about a young kid, who surprisingly is participating in shady robot fighting, not the typical premise for a kids movie. His older brother gets him on the right path, though, by taking him to college. The kid at first doesn’t want to go, but soon realizes that his older brother’s cool friends are worth spending time in college with. Predictably, the older brother who is one of the most likable characters in the movie gets killed off and sets up a revenge vendetta for the main character. This has been done many times before in animation such as Black Cat and Trigun.

It does take us from what I thought the movie was going to be about, a comedy with a balloon robot in it, to something drastically different that I did not expect. A team of the science people is set up and they each get science based powers based off of real science ideas and not the magical science in Full Metal Alchemist. This is legitimate science, even if it is drastically over done for the sake of the movie. I doubt that these science ideas could actually be used to fight crime with, but we go with it none the less because this is an animated kids’ movie whose creativity should not be shot down for the sake of realism.

There are six characters in the team. Five people and one robot. The robot we see at the beginning of the movie is absent for the rest of the movie as attention moves away from the combat robot to the medical robot. The leader is the main character. We also have a biker chick who takes over as the older sister of the main protagonist when the protagonist’s older brother gets killed off. She is easily the strongest character of the four friends. The other three friends are all kind of the same, a bunch of quirky goofballs.  It would’ve been nice to see those other three characters get better developed, but my favorite characters were the ones with the most screen time anyway, so it’s O.K.

Time for a comparison. As the movie progressed I became more and more aware of the fact that each of these five characters seemed an awful lot like the Teen Titans, characters from one of my absolute favorite TV shows when I was a kid back in the day. The leader is obsessed with catching the main villain and even willing to go to the dark side to bring the villain down. He goes too far even for his friends sometimes. The leader of course is Robin.

The biker chick is quiet and sarcastic but independent, clearly the Raven character. Even their hair color is the same. The ditzy, bubbly girl with the purse that somehow switches between uber nerd and valley girl is Starfire. The black guy who is always flipping out about something and is obsessed with his tools is Cyborg. He even has his weapons mounted on his arms, only this time instead of an arm cannon it’s a couple of arm swords. Finally we have the comic relief mascot who isn’t nearly as great as Beast Boy was, but the similarity is definitely there.

The two teams are so incredibly similar, particularly when the Big Hero 6 team becomes super heroes. I even thought they were similar before the Big Hero 6 team becomes super heros, but once they became heroes, too, I knew for sure that I was on to something. One reason for this could be, I did not realize this at the time but upon closer research later on because this movie really did both entertain and interest me a ton, that the Big Hero 6 team is not an original Disney creation. This team was yet another typical team of young super heroes owned by Marvel and then the comics were turned into a movie.

Another factor to take into account is this team was originally “owned by Marvel”. Marvel’s movies for the Avengers are great, but one thing you have to take into account is how many times both DC and Marvel have ripped off each other’s ideas. I have a suspicion that this Big Hero 6 team was based off of the Teen Titans, used by Marvel in some of its comics and then landed to my complete surprise into the popular Big Hero 6 movie we have in theaters today. Regardless of influence, though, this really is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and deserves a solid five out of five stars. It is good to be a nerd these days… and it’s about sweet damn time!