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Tales From the Crypt was a TV show that showed up in the 1990s. It was a series of horror stories presented by a puppet known as the crypt keeper. The show was full of horror, violence, suggestive content and humor, everything that makes for a classy show.

10. The Third Pig from Season Seven

The Third Pig is an animated story about the three pigs, only instead of the wolf eating the first two pigs and being defeated by the third pig, it is about the wolf killing the first two pigs and framing the third pig for their murder. In my opinion Tales From the Crypt was its absolute best during season four and the three seasons after season four quickly went downhill. This is one of the very few memorable episodes from the last three seasons because it is animated and funny.

9. Carrion Death from Season Three

Carrion Death is about a criminal who is pursued by a motorcycle cop and they have a fight in desert, which results in the cop getting killed but being hand cuffed to the criminal. The criminal now has to get out of the desert while being hand cuffed to the dead body of the cop. This episode has a good plot and some good characters, even though they do not say much. It also has a lot of good action.

8. House of Horror from Season Five

This is another one of the few memorable episodes from the later seasons. It’s about a group of rookie college kids who have to go into a creepy house, so they can become initiated into a fraternity. They have the extra incentive of sorority girls who want to see them get initiated. This episode has a great plot, some great humor, a creepy setting and some good plot twists.

7. Four Sided Triangle from Season Two

Now we get to an episode that I’m sure is actually pretty controversial. Some people like this episode and many people dislike this episode. My reason for liking this episode is entirely biased. It’s about a girl who is a criminal and on the run but she develops amnesia and ends up as a farm hand for a couple of farmers. She ends up being saved by a living scare crow from the abusive farmers. The reason I like this episode is because it has my personal favorite female character in the entire series. In my opinion there was nobody cooler or more attractive in the series than the character of Mary Jo. Even the crypt keeper during his commentary picks petals from a flower and wonders whether Mary Jo would love him. You know you’ve got a class act girl on your hands when the crypt keeper likes them, too.

6. Television Terror from Season Two

Television Terror is about a TV show host who goes into supposedly haunted places and talks about them while his cameraman films the places. He doesn’t seem to be liked by anybody, so nobody is really concerned when things get out of hand, the cameraman disappears and the TV show host is caught in the house on his own. It’s got a great set with the creepy house and a lot of good suspense. It’s definitely one of my favorite scary episodes of the series.

5. And All Through the House from Season One

One good thing about the first several seasons was that they still had fresh ides and they had not jumped the shark yet. Most of the early episodes had clear plots, which’s what made them enjoyable and memorable. Few plots are more straight forward than an episode about a crazy Santa who tries to kill a woman in her house. There are a couple other things that serve as subplots, though, such as the woman’s daughter being in the house and the woman having just murdered her husband, which means she could not get help from the police. It is a scary episode with a good villain and some good action. The ending is chilling, too.

4. The Man Who Was Death from Season One

The Man Who Was Death is about a man who used to be an executioner with the electric chair until they got rid of the death penalty and he was laid off from his old job. He decides to become a vigilante and electrocute people who had committed crimes, sort of a ghoulish Charles Bronson. This episode has a great protagonist and I think the narrative being done by the main character as he works is very effective.

3. The Reluctant Vampire from Season Three

The Reluctant Vampire is an interesting twist on the old vampire story. This time a vampire does not want to drink the blood of people and dislikes being a vampire, so he works at a blood bank where he can get blood without having to kill people to get his fix on blood. In my opinion it is the funniest and also probably the most endearing episode of the whole series taking the vampire villain and making them the protagonist instead.

2. Maniac At Large from Season Four

A woman works in a library while murders keep occurring in the area. She hears about them and becomes worried that she might be the next person to get killed. The killer seems to be getting closer and closer to the library, which makes her more and more paranoid. This episode has a great plot, great setting and a great plot twist at the end, which reveals who the killer is.

1. Werewolf Concerto from Season Four

Some people are at a wilderness lodge and some of them are attacked by a werewolf in the woods. They realize that one of the people at the lodge is probably the killer and they recruit Timothy Dalton as a werewolf hunter to find the murderer and bring them down. The best part of this episode is the great James Bond actor, Timothy Dalton, in a starring role for this episode. However, other episodes have good actors and celebrities in them, too, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Paxton, Slash and Daniel Craig, but those episodes weren’t nearly as strong in other areas as this one was. With or without Timothy Dalton this would be a solid episode because it has a good plot, great setting, good action and some great suspense. The plot twist at the end is also good.