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There’s been a lot of talk recently about the new Super Smash Brothers game, so I decided to give my top ten list for characters from the series with a description of the character and my main reasons for why I like them so much.

10. Pichu: Pichu is the unevolved form of Pikachu. Pichu does the same things that Pikachu does, but it hurts itself when it uses an electric attack. Pichu is probably one of the weakest characters in the entire Super Smash Brothers franchise of games, but I like Pichu because it’s an even more endearing version of Pikachu and looks great with blue goggles on. Also, his Taunt when he rolls around on the ground or flops his ears is funny to watch. I would only use Pichu if I was not being competitive, but he is a fun character for me to use.

9. Charizard: Charizard is not really a main character you can play as, but is one of the three Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer sends out when you battle as the Pokemon Trainer. I am not a big fan of the other two choices that Pokemon Trainer uses, Squirtle and Ivysaur, even though Ivysaur’s ability to recover back onto the stage with Vine Whip is a cool idea, but I do really like Charizard. Charizard was definitely one of the coolest Pokemon to use from the original series of Pokemon, and his abilities to breath fire racking up a lot of damage with one attack and fly around for good recovery make him useful to use.

8. Wolf: Wolf is one of the fighter pilots from the Star Fox games. He is like Fox and has the same moves as Fox, but is much heavier and stronger than Fox. His increased weight is both an advantage and disadvantage because he is harder to knock off the stage but also falls like a piece of lead, which makes it much tougher for him to recover. He has one of my favorite taunts in the game with his wolf howl. Also, his final smash as a tank is pretty devastating.

7. Lucina: The only character from the newest version of the game that I am interested to see. I do not know much about her because I played the earliest Fire Emblem games that came out ten years ago and have not stuck with the game series since then, although it’s clear to me that many things have changed since then in the series. She is also a Marth clone, which is bringing her a lot of criticism from certain critics of the games. However, I think the main reason I like her is because I love her character design. Few characters I think look as cool as Lucina does and her sword makes her a strong competitor, even if she is not particularly original to the games.

6. Sheik: Sheik is the tomboyish version of Zelda who dressed up as a man to disguise herself. When you select Zelda in the games, you have the option during the battle to switch between both versions of the character, Zelda or Sheik. I definitely prefer Sheik over the princess version of Zelda, though, because of her sleek build and ninja like abilities. I just appreciate well done women that are strong in battle. You can see my list of top ten favorite anime women for more examples of that idea.

5. Diddy: Diddy is the younger, smaller relative of Donkey Kong. He uses all kinds of monkeyish abilities and weapons like peanut guns and a jetpack. Diddy is a funny character to use because he’s a monkey and who doesn’t like monkeys when they’re not throwing their feces at you? I like how he can fly around with his jetpack during battle, although it can be a little complicated to use. My favorite move of his is when he jumps on an opponent’s face and humps the crap out of them.

4. Pikachu: Pikachu is the main character from the Pokemon series and the Pokemon mascot. There is no Pokemon out there that is more iconic than Pikachu who gets his own float in major Thanksgiving Day parades and is recognized by people who are even twice my age. Pikachu uses all kinds of electric attacks during battle such as Thunder, a powerful attack that hits anybody around him with a bolt of lightning from the skies above, and Thunderjolt, which is a grounded electric attack. I like Pikachu because he is just as endearing as Pichu, but doesn’t get his butt handed to him in competitive battles. Pikachu might look cuddly, but he can really back up his popularity with power.

3. Samus: Samus is a bounty hunter and hero in outer space. She’s an attractive, athletic woman who wears a suit that allows her to shoot projectiles, jump incredible distances through the air and endure extreme conditions from intense heat to outer space. I like Samus because she is yet another one of those female characters like Sheik and Lucina that not only looks pretty but can really nail people to the wall. For every Princess Peach out there that sets women’s rights back by twenty years, it’s also nice to know that there is a Samus out there who can make up the difference. Underestimate her and your ass will probably be terminated by a charged up laser charge from her cannon arm.

2. Falco: Falco is another pilot from the Star Fox games. He has a sarcastic personality and is the most maverick of all the heroes in Star Fox. With a last name like Lombardi you know he’s cool. He has all the same abilities as Fox and Wolf, but falls in the middle between the two of them when it comes to endurance, strength, speed and jumping. I just think he’s a really cool character with his maverick personality and the fact that he’s considered one of the stronger characters in Super Smash Brothers because of his well rounded stats and moves really helps matters.

1. Yoshi: Yoshi is the loyal assistant and riding animal of Mario in many of the Mario games. Yoshi can run fast, jump long distances and carry heavy loads on his back. He’s the character I usually use when I race in Mario Kart or compete in Mario Party, and I don’t always use him in Super Smash Brothers, but his friendly persona, ability to jump long distances for recovery, roll around quickly as an egg, bash people with his head and throw powerful egg bombs makes him a great character to use in competitive battles. For somebody who jumps far he surprisingly has a lot of endurance, too, which makes him even better, unlike most characters with good recoveries like Jigglypuff and Kirby. Yoshi is probably the definitive character when it comes to Super Smash Brothers for me.