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10. Moving On by Bad Company: In my opinion this is the best song about moving on to the next phase of life or traveling. I filmed a video of a good friend leaving college and had this song as the back ground. We were both glad to “move on” from that experience.

9. More Than a Feeling by Boston: In my opinion this is the most nostalgic song I have ever heard. One of the earliest songs that I heard in classic rock and roll and really liked, it still remains a definitive staple with me all these years later.

8. Live and Learn by Crush 40: Crush 40 is probably the most obscure band on this entire list and only made one album, but that album featured the theme song for Sonic 2, which I think is really inspirational and wonderfully youthful.

7. Stronger by Kanye West: I dislike the music artist, but there were few songs during high school that I liked more. It’s a cover, but I think that Kanye West did a great job changing it and making it his own.

6. Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting by Nickelback: Yet another music group most people would not expect me to include on a top ten list and yet another cover song, but this cover was also really well made in my opinion.

5. Stronger by Daft Punk: The original version of this song, which I thought was better by a slim margin over the cover. It’s in my opinion the best dance song ever made and is very energetic like every other song on this list.

4. Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting: Elton John is considered by many people to be one of the best music artists ever and most of his songs I think are kind of average, but this song makes piano sound much more bad ass than I usually think it is.

3. Turn Up the Radio by Autograph: A one hit wonder band that ended up making in my opinion not only the definitive 1980s song, but also the definitive rock and roll anthem. It voices better than any other song just what rock and roll at its peak was all about.

2. Paradise City by Guns and Roses: One of the few music groups on this list that I thought had more than one great song and for a long time they had what i thought was the best song until it was replaced just recently. The build up, guitar riff and passion make it great.

1. Fight the Good Fight by Triumph: The title of best song now belongs to this one. Triumph is an incredibly average music group outside of this song, but this song with its lyrics, which I think are the strongest part of the song, about perseverance to the very end make it in my opinion the most inspirational song I think i have ever heard.