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We now continue with the second half of my top ten list for artists and bands who did some great music but unfortunately not consistently and sound great on certain studio albums but not compilations.

6. Lenny Kravitz: I’m going to be careful with this one because I’ve listened to his big hits and I’ve listened to his compilation but not really his studio albums. His hits featured on the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations are all great, but it’s his other singles that I think could be better.

I just don’t think that Lenny Kravitz really sounds that appealing when he’s making music that is on the softer side. Some ballads are good but other ballads of his just bore me to death. In my opinion albums of his that sound good would be during the late 1990s and early 2000s when he was coming out with big singles such as Dig In, Fly Away and Where Are We Running? Baptism seems to be one of those albums that people either love or hate.

7. Living Colour: I suppose you could consider Living Colour the African American counter part of Boston. They had one fantastic album right at the beginning of their career and then they thought too hard, tried too hard and ended up with heavy sludge. Each album after their first one seemed to be one step deeper into the hoopla.

Neither Boston or Living Colour really seemed to care what people thought and while this keeps you from becoming a sell out like Bon Jovi or Don Henley, this can definitely lead to the opposite issue, which is making music incredibly dense. While Boston went too prog, though, Living Colour just seemed to go ballistic with the gnashing, in your face guitar. They always fought for a cause of some sort, but they really should’ve made sure that their followers were still on board with it all.

8. Moby: Moby is a rare example on this list of an artist who made good and bad albums but not all at the same time. During the early 1990s Moby made some really rocking dance albums but later on during the early 2000s made a few albums that were much better suited as background music for commercials. When your music is used as background music for commercials that is probably not what you want to aspire to.

My personal favorite album of Moby’s would be Last Night. This album had some great dance songs on it, but ironically enough is probably one of the least known Moby albums because around the time this album was released one of the labels who supported Moby’s music went belly up and only five hundred thousand copies were sold… around the entire damn world. After that his music became incredibly anesthetic and I feel like only hipsters and stoners would appreciate the way-too-chill music he is coming out with today on albums such as Innocents, which by the way features probably one of the most bizarre album covers i have ever seen.

9. Survivor: Survivor is a band that was almost always way too poppish to be a good hard rock band,at least when their singles were concerned. They came out with one great album featuring Eye of the Tiger and an epic album cover of the face of a tiger and then after that went back to being very much second tier.

One issue Survivor has is that most of their singles aside from the ones used for action movies such as Burning Heart were way too synthy and slick. Today their singles such as Is This Love? and The Search Is Over at best sound really dated and at worst sound incredibly boring and nonessential. They might have gained success with High On You and Can’t Hold Back, but today pretty much the only song people remember them for is Eye of the Tiger, and that is probably, rightfully so.

10. Bryan Adams: Some people might wonder why I put Bryan Adams at the end of an otherwise alphabetical list. That is because I do not think that Bryan Adams is nearly as inconsistent as the other artists and bands on this list. Really, my main issue with Bryan Adams is that his music from 1990s and onwards had kind of a Bon Jovi effect. He went from heavy rockers to pretty much all poppish ballads, but I would like to say that this doesn’t bug me nearly as much as Bon Jovi because Bryan Adams actually could at some times make decent pop music.

I really would recommend getting the single disc So Far So Good instead of the anthology because most of the second disc for the Anthology is just ballads and not really worth it. Other than that he is good and I look forward to his newest album coming out in October, which I will of course be buying on hard copy directly at the store location, me and three other people… Hell, yeah!