10. Burning Sky by Bad Company: Burning Sky only had one notable single, Burning Sky, but the other songs on the album were all good, too. Some of the songs had a natural feel such as Morning Sun. Other songs demonstrated the brooding of Bad Company at its best such as Passing Time. It had one of the few songs by Bad Company that was amusing, Knapsack, which many people dislike, but I actually think it has a lot of character. They even had a long, experimental song at the end of the album called Master of Ceremony that was as close to progressive rock as Bad Company ever got.

9. Last Night by Moby: Last Night might have been one of the most obscure Moby albums, but it was the most recent album by Moby to be more than just anesthetizing house music. Half of the album was full of songs that you could really dance to such as Disco Lies and I Like To Move In Here. The other half of the album was full of atmospheric, instrumental songs that while not as interesting to me as the dance songs gave some nice variety to the album. The final song on the album called Last Night is very interesting and has some nice rain sound effects.

8. 7800 Fahrenheit by Bon Jovi: 7800 Fahrenheit might have been one of Bon Jovi’s most obscure albums, but it was probably the only album by Bon Jovi that was brooding and deep. It had some great rockers such as Tokyo Road and King of the Mountain. It had poignant ballads such as Silent Night. Some of the songs such as I Don’t Want To Fall Into the Fire experimented with synth and drum beats. Other songs had interesting song writing such as Secret Dreams, which was about a woman Bon Jovi could only be with in his dreams. This is one album that proved Bon Jovi could be more than just pop.

7. Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses: We move from some obscure, over looked albums to a couple of the most popular albums ever starting with Appetite For Destruction, one of the highest selling debuts albums of all time. Appetite For Destruction had the combined power of Axl’s vocals and Slash’s guitar, which led to some of the best rock and roll songs ever such as Welcome To the Jungle, the poignant Sweet Child of Mine and my second favorite song, Paradise City. This album dominated music during the late 1980s and rightly so.

6. Boston’s Debut: Boston’s debut was probably the highest selling debut album ever. It’s also the only album to have every song from that album still played regularly on the radio today. It boasted the euphoric More Than a Feeling, the epic work Long Time, the reassuring Peace of Mind and the rock and roll ballad Rock and Roll Band. Hitch a Ride, another song on the album, boasted not one but two guitar solos in the same song. There was a lot of guitar power in this album but it also boasted some great vocals that turned this album into a true master piece that everybody knew during the 1970s.