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James Bond: Spectre is coming to theaters next month, and rumor is already spreading about the Bond actor who will replace Daniel Craig. I thought this would be a good time to offer my opinions on all six Bond actors.

6. George Lazenby (definitive movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service): George Lazenby is not a bad Bond actor but he was only in one movie and was highly forgettable. Some people say that he was good at physical action scenes, but a Bond actor needs personality, too.

5. Daniel Craig (definitive movies: Casino Royale and Skyfall) Daniel Craig did not have much more personality than George Lazenby, but at least he was in more than one movie, which makes him more memorable. He also seemed to fit the role well of an icy but suave Bond. Hopefully, his replacement is an improvement over Craig, though.

4. Pierce Brosnan (definitive movies: Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies) Pierce Brosnan was funny and upbeat, but he was definitely too corny sometimes. Some people say that Pierce Brosnan wasn’t comfortable as Bond in his first couple of movies and improved with each Bond movie he made. Unfortunately, his improved acting was dragged down by the rest of his mediocre third and fourth movies.

3. Sean Connery (definitive movies: Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice) Sean Connery will always be the definitive Bond actor because he was the first popular Bond actor and  one of the two longest lasting Bond actors along with Roger Moore. However, his treatment of other people in his movies, particularly the women, what with slapping them silly, wrestling them in barns and pretty much telling them to make him a sandwich, was poor at times.

2. Roger Moore (definitive movies: Man With the Golden Gun, Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only) Roger Moore has always been one of my favorite Bond actors, even though the other Bond actors have frequently changed places with me over the years. He does have a couple of issues. For one thing he has some of the worst romantic scenes, although this could easily be blamed on the inane dialogue. His other issue was that he was the oldest Bond actor in the series, which made some action scenes unconvincing.

Roger Moore more than makes up for for these issues, though, with his great sense of humor. I’ve never watched a Bond movie for the romantic subplots or the realism. I watch James Bond movies for entertainment, and Roger Moore’s sense of humor made his Bond movies even more entertaining.

  1. Timothy Dalton (definitive movies: Living Daylights and License To Kill) Some people blame Timothy Dalton for over acting in his Bond movies, but he usually acted in plays so this is completely understandable. One of the greatest horror actors ever, Bela Lugosi, also acted in many plays and as a result some critics accused him of over acting in Dracula and his other horror movies.

Timothy Dalton had two great strengths when it came to Bond movies. First he had probably the best chemistry with his Bond women. When he’s with Kara in Living Daylights we get some great scenes of them having fun together at an amusement park. In License To Kill he and my favorite Bond woman do a great job acting against each other and keeping each other alert with a sort of hot headed but passionate rivalry.

His other great strength was his action scenes. Timothy Dalton had an intense, serious personality that made him one of the more believable Bond actors in action scenes. Scenes such as when he is going after a crime boss for revenge in a great truck chase at the end of License To Kill are made even more thrilling by Timothy Dalton’s over the top, barely able to get a grip acting style.

At the end of it, each Bond actor has their own style and something to offer. Whether it’s convincing action scenes, a good sense of humor, good chemistry with the Bond women or being able to fit the role well, each Bond actor has made their mark on Hollywood history.